Planning a Wedding During Social Distancing

During these unprecidented times…we find ourselves working from home, isolated from our family and friends.   With social media  at an all time high and Zoom is exploding into the new meeting platform; we search for creative ways to stay connected.   I’ve been spending my days reaching out to my couples who are getting married.   Rescheduling, consoling, juggling, and trying to prepare for a future thats uncertain in my industry,  We are all about social gathering, hugging, dancing, and celebrating.  I encourage you to continue to plan your celebrations, weddings, and galas.   Use this time wisely to remember whats important in life and give yourselves something to plan and look forward to as well.  Family, friends, and safety are key right now.   I can’t wait to be a part of the special days of each and everyone of my amazing clients now and in the future.


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