Wedding Trends for Fall 2020

If you getting married this coming Fall, you’ve probably been planning your wedding before all of this craziness with social distancing starting happening!  Natural color schemes and rustic gallerings are still very prominent!  Backyard garden scapes and rustic barns are still hot.  Scaled back greenery and muted golds, peaches, and champagnes…taupe dresses and fabrics to drap the ceremony.   Finding looks that include seasonal flowers will keep your cost down.  When it comes to flowers for your bridal party and the ceremony framing such as arches, aisle ways, and entrances into the back aisle…DO NOT SKIMP!  Repurpose as much as you can when it comes to aisle pieces.  It you use mason jars down the aisle, reuse them for the cocktail hour or on the table with candles, etc.  If you like the look of garden roses, use them in bridal party flowers and use standard roses throughout the ceremony and reception.   They are more costly of a rose and you will appreciate them in the bouquets more when you see your pictures.    Deep fall colors will always be something attractive for fall brides.  Make sure you find all options for flowers available during the fall season.  Locally grown flowers are usually your best option and most Florist will use local if possible.  Plan ahead and do your homework!  Happy planning!

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